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Creamy dumpling (str. 1)

Creamy dumpling

by Michał Delmaczyński >> Pracownie Inżynierskie Socha

It has been just two years since a new footbridge was opened in the district of Pomorzany — it ties Ruska, 9 Maja and Na Skarpie streets, crosses the gully with railway tracks and connects two parts of a residential district — and another new project is being discussed. Seems it will be the fifth project of that kind in recent five years, along with the footbridges over Gdańska street and the bridge over the Odyńca Canal in the district of Dziewoklicz. The other cities may envy this trend, which — better than the other fashions — provides comfort to pedestrians, cyclists, not mention elderly people and mothers with kids, all the dwellers of a typical residential district.

Article on bridge in Pomorzany can be found in 1/2013 MP.Pl

Back to Pomorzany, in the vicinity of the first crossing named above. Today there is a simple footbridge there, with the steel box girder spans, going over the double-track railway line, but... somehow unfinished. It ends suddenly, navigating pedestrians to the side stairs which lead to another railway track and they must cross it in a way that is highly unrecommended. The impression is that the construction of the footbridge was interrupted here and, indeed, it was like this. Unfortunately, the way the residents cross the railway track is the reason of frequent accidents. So the authority was forced to do something: they decided to extend the footbridge.
It seems simple — we will add another section and here it is. Yet, as it usually happens, life went its own way. Fortunately, as it was to the residents' advantage.

The old footbridge is an “economical" structure, it is narrow, while the district is getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, what has changed for years is the designing norms and standards as well as the users' expectations. The preliminary draft analysis showed that the extension of the old structure and the construction of a new section would not be much cheaper than the construction of a new footbridge, furthermore, the parameters of such a new structure would not be perfect. That is why the Socha company, who prepared the designing documentation, made a few proposals of changes and — additionally — the option to replace the old footbridge with a new structure. After the plans were presented in the Town Hall, there was a debate, surprisingly creative and meaningful. Its participants were of various professions: office workers from various departments as well as aldermen. Generally such a combination leads to pointless rows around empty phrases — but not in Szczecin: focusing only on the objective, reasonable opinions. I wish we could have such debates over projects everywhere, especially with regard to public developments.

There will be a new footbridge going over all of the six tracks and — attention! — another footbridge. The old structure is not useless, indeed. Its spans will be renovated and located over another gully, which hosts Ustowska and Wysoka streets. So finally, the footbridge has been extended, yet,What will the footbridges look like? The first one, the longest and the most important, will be over 100 m long and it will bridge the railway gully — from its one wall at Budziszyńska street to the other wall at Ustojska and Krzewinkowa streets. At first, a classical multi-span beam or slab-beam structure was taken into consideration.
The preliminary cost estimate showed, however, that the construction of temporary pillars will not be cheap, moreover, the project will get more expensive due to the number of problems regarding railway underground infrastructure and traffic stoppages while carrying out construction and assembly work. So, taking all the arguments into account, we came to conclusion that we will suggest bridging the gully with the railway tracks with a single-span structure.

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