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Creamy dumpling (str. 2)

Ok, now the structure itself: a cable-stayed bridge, an arch, a truss? The first one is too costly, the second is cheaper but there is one 70-metre arch bridge nearby. So, a truss. But something should be done to make the authority in favour of the structure which is nowadays considered outdated and boring. Is it possible to make it more attractive and still preserve its simple shape and qualities? The task was not easy as the terrain was demanding. We started with a simple structure with parallel chords: a bottom one and a top one, quite flat, tensioned to its limits in order to emphasise its slenderness and span. It did not work. The reason was simple: the gauge of the railway power line varies, and on the other hand, we had to maintain reasonable values for the access cycling lanes. The structure we got was so crooked that we had to do something about it. What? To hide the curves behind other curves. We had to design a curvilinear top chord and, to distinguish our truss from the 20-century standards, we added some lines to the draft. Then we added “toe clips" at both ends and we got an unusual structure. Since then we have been calling our footbridge a “dumpling", due to its crescent-like shape.

Stages of making “dumpling" | © Michał Delmaczyński >> PI Socha

Last stage of making “dumpling" | © Michał Delmaczyński >> PI Socha

As a consequence the footbridge got bigger — its span is now 105 m, the height is about 9 m, the top cord is parabolic, the bottom chord is curvilinear, yet symmetric. Moreover, that shape helped to hide the level difference between the ends of the span which is 1.4 m. Next, an access to a lift and stairs winding around the lift shaft which certainly has got a lattice frame. And a few details such as spherical LED lamps — the emperor's new clothes.
The truss itself will be made up of steel pipes with the diameter up to 50 cm and a steel orthotropic deck. The structure can carry a service vehicle or emergency service vehicles, however, the geometry of the access roads does not provide full access for the motor vehicles. The railway power line is located so high that it was impossible to reach the level of Budziszyńska street straight, so we have a sharp bend and perpendicular turning. On the other side — in Krzewinkowa street — the access is straight, yet, quite long which might be troublesome for amateur cyclists. Although the longitudinal slope is within the range acceptable for a common pavement, we included some places to rest, with benches, bins and a little space to park a wheelchair or a pram.

As Americans say: things happen | © PI Socha


Towarzystwo Opieki
nad Zabijanymi Palami
i Deskowaniem Traconym

Poniżej link do darmowego, profesjonalnego programu do wyznaczania nośności pali prefabrykowanych wg metody opisanej w normie PN-83/B-02482 Fundamenty budowlane. Nośność pali i fundamentów palowych.

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Panel Wall P i Panel Wall Konstrukcje oporowe
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