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Dina:2. Blue (str. 1)

The History of Colour — Blue

tekst | Katarzyna Janikowska & JOP

I have not been to Maluszyn. Yet, I got touched by the photograph: the deck of the bridge suspended with the BBR Dina tendonsin deep bright blue ducts to the deep bright blue pylons.

Przemysław Kułaga arch. Skanska SA

Moreover, in the background there is a bright gate, pretending to be a fortress entrance. To make matters worse, it is a combination of three various styles: the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture. Actually, it is hard to say which epoch it comes from as the palace hidden behind the gate, mainly its facade, has been changing following the fashion. The gate is the only thing that has been left.

Bracia Limbourg, Musée Condé (Muzeum Kondeuszy) w Chantilly

źródło | http://pl.wikipedia.org użytkownik

I knew I had seen that view. My first thought was the illumination by Limbourg brothers: Tres riches heures du Duc de Berry (about 1410) — I looked into the book: well, I was right — the July card. The association might be not perfectly correct as such a combination of blue and white comes from the late Middle Ages so it is more Gothic than Romanesque aesthetics, when the infernal odium was taken off the blue colour.

Lapis lazuli >

1. A Mesopotamian Pendant (circa 2900 BC); source: http://en.wikipedia.org, user: Randy Benzie; 2. In the funeral mask of Tutankhamun (1341—1323 BC), source: http://www.egyptarchive.co.uk/html/cairo_museum_54.html; autor: Jon Bodsworth, user: Robors; 3. Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665) by Johannes Vermeer is painted with ultramarine, a natural pigment made from lapis lazuli, source: www.geheugenvannederland.nl

Today blue is the favourite colour, at least of the West. Worn willingly, first as uniforms, then jeans, it also became the colour of international communication as well as the colour of calm and peace — it can be found on the UN helmets, the UNESCO emblems, informative traffic signs and the boxes of tranquillisers. It is less emotionally charged than white. For not long, i.e. for 200 years, it has been considered a cool colour, attributed to both mind and feelings, emotional vastness and melancholy as well as solace. Moreover, it represents physical vastness of the sea and the sky — and these may be the roots of its modern cold.

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