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In situ on the sea (str. 1)

In situ on the sea

by | Katarzyna Janikowska

So far a beacon which has made me feel enthusiastic — one way: yippee, we are going to reach Sassnitz, the other way: yippee, we are close to Świnoujście — has been a beacon whose name I could not pronounce so I invented my own one: GrandWaldeEje (real name: Greifswalder Oie). I have no idea if the place is grey in any way, yet, in my opinion, the Big Eye, looking gorgeous at night on the black Baltic Sea, deserved a stronger name than common “isle" (oie means isle). The isle hosts a 39-metre-tall lighthouse.

Since August 1 I have been emotionally tied to the navigation beacons on the approach waterway to the LNG harbour in Świnoujscie.

Shots from the film Aarslef

At the end of July we received an invitation from Szczecin branch of Aarsleff and as a consequence our office's representative of the Concrete Defence Committee and the Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Driven Piles and Lost Formwork set off for a cruise on the Baltic Sea. The reason was a technological trip organised by the company to show in situ how the beacons are constructed.

The trip was supposed to be accompanied by the Samson crane. I cannot recollect now why the crane did not travel with us — the natural perversity of inanimate objects — it only arrived to install a reinforced concrete cap of the beacon after the exodus of all exogenous visitors. Much earlier I had heard that the design provided for concreting beacons on the open sea. The distance of 10 km offshore may seem to be a lame sea. However, as I remember from my yacht trips, at that distance, even with a light wind, waves could be really high, the yacht was swinging and sailors were preparing sickbags.

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